Just Bitten – By Leanna


Lips are one of the main features on our faces.  Sometimes it seems as if your makeup is incomplete with a out bold lip or a dash of lip gloss.   A new lip trend that has been popular among runways and celebrities is the feathered or blurred edged lipstick.  Instead of a clean line, this look calls for the color to be concentrated in the middle and then fade out to the sides as if you’ve just been kissed or chewing on some candy.  It is a cute look that can be done with many colors.  It can soften a vampy dark shade or make a girly lip even more flirtatious.

It is easy to do and there are many ways that people like to do this look.  First, you can simply take your lipstick and and apply it in the middle and as you move out, use a lighter hand and just dab it on.  This technique requires a bit of skill and practice to get the perfect shade and shadow.  A fool proof technique would be to apply the lipstick all over the lip, then take some concealer or powder and go over the edges of the mouth to blur out the harsh lines.  You can even experiment with different colors.  You can make a bold red lip more chic by applying a darker shade right in the middle.  There are so many ways you can play around with this lip look but my favorite would have to be a very subtle and natural lip.  By taking a color that is a little darker or redder than your natural lip color, I feather it out sli

ghtly on my lip and it looks like I just ate a lollipop or popsicle.

If you are bored with your solid lips, try this look out and see the difference.  It is a cute and fun way to spice up your lips, go beyond the bold color and make it ombre!

Author: Chic Models

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